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Voting System

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MrMerkage, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. MrMerkage

    MrMerkage New Member

    Feb 12, 2017
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    Hey all, would like to suggest something i briefly mentioned on slack.

    This would be a suggestion across multiple servers but i was thinking mainly for skyblock.

    Currently the voting system enables the user to 4 keys per day providing they use all four links. A lot of the time a player tends to use the /vote command and then fill out their details which in turn automatically places the keys in the players inventories. Sometimes players forget to empty their inventories of enough space to allow them to receive these keys and then claim that they haven't been given them.

    My suggestion is simple. Replace keys with a points system, which can be tracked via how many votes you have done on the right hand side menu. This in turn takes away the need for a player to have space in their inventory and also allow for alot of other benefits which i will list below.

    Voting Crate - Once the server gains more and more in popularity the voting crates tend to become in my opinion redundant, especially for "end game players". These players tend to be the ones who have either;

    1. Managed to get themselves really high on /baltop or /istop and no longer need to use the vote crates
    2. Have no interest in voting because they are a rank and their /kit gives more benefits
    By all means if people wish to use the standard voting crate then of course 1 vote point = 1 vote crate

    In addition to this you could exchange multiple votes for a higher key.

    3 Votes = 1 Sapphire Key
    6 Votes = 1 Emerald Key
    9 Votes = 1 Diamond Key

    A specific set of titles or colored chat that is ONLY obtainable by voting. This still enables you guys to sell titles upon the store.
    Titles could cost anywhere between 25-50 votes. This would also mean there would be a range of titles on the server because not everyone will go for the same title. It also takes away the huge P2W aspect alot of people complain about.

    Furthermore i also suggest that you could also add temporary fly boosters into this voting shop or even an MCMMO booster for that player in question.

    Some values are as followed;

    1. 1 hour of fly booster (Player) 100 votes (4 a day = 25 days needed to accumulate)
    2. 1 hour of mcmmo booster (Player) 50 votes (4 a day = 13 days needed to accumulate)
    3. 1 hour of fly booster (Server) 200 votes (4 a day = 50 days needed to accumulate)
    4. 1 hour of mcmmo booster (server) 100 votes (4 a day = 25 days needed to accumulate)
  2. MarvinMix

    MarvinMix New Member

    Feb 13, 2019
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    I agree on the confirmed/debunked voting session. We thought Mur and Liz were dead at the end of Sub9 so we may have been led to the wrong direction in voting at that time

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