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Just a heads up Season 3 has started for our Survival PVP game mode, we know it's only been 6 months since it was completely reset for Season 2 however, this season was necessary to include a world border and better ore generation - enjoy!!!
January 29th, 2017 we opened season 1 of Skyblocks. It is with great pleasure that as we approach the first year, we introduce season 2 of Skyblocks. Everything has been reset. Improvements have been made, new toys have been added. Bugs have been fixed.

Make sure you stop by and check out the awesome new things you can do on your Islands.

We opened our first season of Creative in March of 2017 and it certainly has had it's share of activity. We noticed a few days ago that there had been a number of massive world griefs that went beyond what was realistically able to be rolled back. Due to that we had to make Creative one of our first game modes to receive a reset.

The silver lining - with the reset, Creative is now 1.12.2 (although compatible with any client 1.8 and up like all of our games). We also increased the default plot size, included a few other behind the scenes optimizations.. so after a couple days of being offline, it is back looking shiny and new. Permissions purchased previously for worldedit access, etc should still be there for those who purchased them. If you find that you are missing something just drop us a line so we can check into it. On a similar note, if you notice something that isn't right just let us know so we can investigate as well.
We just released BedWars - so far there are two maps to play on but we'll be adding more!! Check out the super cute lobby, designed and built by our own members! Credit to @OneArrow_ for the original design and @XJoeJoe_ @martjon2 @OMGitsMussie and myself for some tweaks and redesigns.

Thought you'd like to check this out
So it's been a busy few months lately and there's a lot to catch up on. Please also note you do NOT need a modded client to join in any of these fun game modes, that's all done serverside.

We added a new game mode called Acid Island, this is an extremely fun game and is similar to Skyblocks, with the difference being your island is in the ocean instead of in the sky AND water (all water, including rain) is ACID!!! It makes you nauseous, slow and eventually kills you. You can protect yourself by wearing armor, building shelter and not swimming! Make sure you check it out if you like a challenge! You can also duel your friends and foe's in 1v1 dueling arena's.

We also made four UHC arena's as this has been such a popular game mode. The first three are exact replica's of each other, the fourth is a little different, taking the fun we've had with Acid Island into consideration, we added Acid Rain & Water to this particular arena. It is HARD core so be prepared to test your skills!

Our voting has been increased to six sites instead of four to give you all more chances of winning great crate prizes. You can vote from the forums link or from each game mode.

Hide & Seek has been added and received really well, so we added 2 more maps to that game mode just last night. Thanks to BIaxe and OMGMussie for some spectacular building work there!

SlimeFun could be the game mode for you, especially if you enjoy Survival games but need a little more "umph" to your game. You are able to claim land areas and using a guide book (/sf guide) and make everything, using your EXP, from a gold pan to sift ores to a nuclear reactor. There are hundreds of recipe's to keep you busy and if you are a fan of Tekkit or FeedTheBeast this might remind you of them.

Please make sure to check out the changelog link for more updates as they happen!
We have a gift for you all for April Fool's day, rather than a prank - http://buy.powertrip.net/category/906363

Click the buycraft link and claim your free title, please be aware that Buycraft is being a bit problematic at the moment, but even thought it will give you a "gateway error" it still works. Make sure you type /tags in game to activate the title once you've claimed it.
We're happy to announce that we've added voting to the front page of the Forum, this was suggested by @Deth_Alex_Holmes and was a super idea.

So now for ease of voting, all you have to do is click on the link at the top, vote on the sites and when you next log into any of the game modes that support the voting you'll get your keys to claim your rewards!!

Voting is hugely important to small servers like us as is the word of mouth that you enjoy playing here, so please keep up the great work, tell your friends, vote for us and lets see if we can grow this little community!
We're excited to announce that our Hacked PVP area is up and running now. This is an area on our server where we encourage you to use your hacked clients, learn about them, practice, play, compete against each other - the only thing we ask is that you respect the few rules that we have.

The most important being this is the ONLY gamemode that you are allowed to use a hacked client while on our server.

Rules for HackedPvP

1. hacked clients are ONLY permitted on HackedPvP
2. No Flying
3. Obey all the rules outlined in common punishments
4. Dont do anything that will negatively effect the server
Just a heads up, we will be resetting the economy within the next 24 hours as the previous shop prices were extremely OP. For those of you with over 5 million dollars you will be reset to a maximum of 5 million to move forward with.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we iron out bugs and perfect things on the server.