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New Profile Posts

  1. ChampaOrange
    ChampaOrange TashTashie
    I'm sure this isn't the right place to post this, but I didn't know where else to... Why is acidslime broken? It doesn't have the same failed to join message and takes much longer than the games that are actually offline.. Please respond soon, im bored without it ;-;
  2. I Got Banned For A Glitch
    I Got Banned For A Glitch TashTashie
    Hello, I was banned for "hacked client command block in creative" but I was not using a hacked client. I was given the command blocks and I didn't know that I couldn't have them until someone told me. I was going to drop them. But when I went to drop them I got permanently banned from the server. So I would like to know if I can get un-banned. If so I would appreciate it. My ign is kikkin_yo_azzez. Thank You.
    1. OMGitsMussie
      If you think you were banned fasely you should make a Ban Apeal,
      posting something on a owners profile won't help you get unbanned. Nobody can give you command blocks only Owners, which those 2 are busy with real life. So the only way you could have gotten them is with a hacked client. I'd just make a Ban apeal, even tho forums get never checked so small chance you'll get unbanned. TIP: just don't hack if you did.
      Apr 13, 2019
  3. dab_big
  4. LadySpiritAngel
    Love Is All There Is
  5. LadySpiritAngel
    LadySpiritAngel TashTashie
    Hi there, I would like my ingame name to be on the registration not my real name, it's not supposed to show Michaela Hefti but LadySpiritAngel. Please help :0 email is rubymystery@gmail.com
  6. OMGitsMussie
  7. ASpicyBeast
  8. Zemi
    Zemi DannyPX
  9. Maddy_uk
    where it says location, if you click on "Good Ol England" it opens a map of England. such a nice feature.
  10. Maddy_uk
    If you want some details about me or would like to know where to find me click the "Information"
  11. Pluto234576
    Pluto234576 TashTashie
    Hi my name is Pacey Mc name Pluto234576 I am so sorry that I Used to be hacks I was playing on the hacked pvp and I forget to set off my hacks can you pls unban me? My friend is on the server and I want to play Further will not do it again I promise
    1. OMGitsMussie
      Oct 6, 2018
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  12. eddykoning
    eddykoning Zemi
    ay welcome to the forums!
    1. Zemi
      thanks man
      Oct 2, 2018
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  13. Zemi
    Chillin' Out Here In The Forums
  14. littleghost13
    Arcoghost Discord
  15. Msladyvenom
  16. RyanFida
    RyanFida iamtheXD
    is that you? iamtheXD!? XD Do you remember nycryanfida from a different network?
  17. RyanFida
    RyanFida Cycila
    hey! do you remember me from different network? nycryanfida?
  18. Scrutinized
  19. Wolfers
  20. iChrono
    update.exe has failed to launch