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Comments on Profile Post by XxGam3Ma2t3rxX

  1. TashTashie
    Thanks so much, she's doing much better. It's a case of trial and error sometimes with medication to help her but also making sure she doesn't get "glutened" by some well meaning person by mistake
    Jun 18, 2017
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  2. XxGam3Ma2t3rxX
    Gluten is a nasty thing to deal with. So I know what you mean by that just by watching a few of my friends who have brothers/sisters that are allergic to a lot of products with gluten in it. Assuming you are talking about gluten based off that word that is. I can see where medication could be an issue as well. I wish you the best in finding the proper items you may need for your daughter. <3.
    Jun 19, 2017
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  3. Konrad Seagull Beluga
  4. XxGam3Ma2t3rxX
    Nah don't joke like that, not funny man.
    Jun 21, 2017
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