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New Server Additions

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TashTashie, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    So it's been a busy few months lately and there's a lot to catch up on. Please also note you do NOT need a modded client to join in any of these fun game modes, that's all done serverside.

    We added a new game mode called Acid Island, this is an extremely fun game and is similar to Skyblocks, with the difference being your island is in the ocean instead of in the sky AND water (all water, including rain) is ACID!!! It makes you nauseous, slow and eventually kills you. You can protect yourself by wearing armor, building shelter and not swimming! Make sure you check it out if you like a challenge! You can also duel your friends and foe's in 1v1 dueling arena's.

    We also made four UHC arena's as this has been such a popular game mode. The first three are exact replica's of each other, the fourth is a little different, taking the fun we've had with Acid Island into consideration, we added Acid Rain & Water to this particular arena. It is HARD core so be prepared to test your skills!

    Our voting has been increased to six sites instead of four to give you all more chances of winning great crate prizes. You can vote from the forums link or from each game mode.

    Hide & Seek has been added and received really well, so we added 2 more maps to that game mode just last night. Thanks to BIaxe and OMGMussie for some spectacular building work there!

    SlimeFun could be the game mode for you, especially if you enjoy Survival games but need a little more "umph" to your game. You are able to claim land areas and using a guide book (/sf guide) and make everything, using your EXP, from a gold pan to sift ores to a nuclear reactor. There are hundreds of recipe's to keep you busy and if you are a fan of Tekkit or FeedTheBeast this might remind you of them.

    Please make sure to check out the changelog link for more updates as they happen!
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