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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Important Information' started by Cycila, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    PowerTrip's Staff team work together in order for the server to be a fun, and safe environment. Of course, in order to have this happen, there are rules. Please keep in mind, these rules are more of a reference for the staff to follow. And punishments may vary in certain occasions, and can be subject to change.

    Thanks for Reading!


    Optional Reference for staff

    General Offense: Player is warned in chat

    General Offense: Player is muted for 15 minutes, which can be extended for every chat offense after.
    (i.e: 1 hour next)

    Recurring Offense: Player is muted 1 - 2 days at a time, possible administration action.

    ♫No Discrimination / Harassment / Racism♫
    There will be no tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism
    This often leads to an automatic mute without a warn. This includes sexual harassment, threatening to harm or take a life of a player/their family. Or language that is excessive, or causes discomfort for others. Even if you're "just joking"

    ♫Ddos / Dox Threats♫
    Distributed Denial of Service and Dox attacks are taken very seriously. And will result in a permanent ban without the chance to appeal, and this will never be tolerated. Joking about this matter is never funny, and usually is meant to scare people.

    ♫Staff / Player Disrespect♫
    Disrespecting another person in general is not tolerated. This definitely includes the Staff members - Harassing them over their decision to ban/mute a player, about their inability to fix/do something on the server, or intentionally giving them trouble. This includes purposely trying to get them angry, or trying to cause them to mess up. Same with staff impersonation.

    ♫Lying and wasting Staff's time / Riots♫
    Player's are not to waste staff's time or lie to them for any reason. Such moments it does happen will result in heavy punishment.
    Attempting to start a riot, mass protest, or overall anarchy against the Staff/Community is not permitted. Occurring offense will lead to Administrative action.

    For Donors, your nick may be non related to your user name. But do not let it be exactly or too similar to another player's username. Abuse of this will lead to Nick perms being removed.

    Sharing ip's for other servers will result in a ban, this includes through a Pm and placed on a sign. Mentioning a server's name (I'm heading too Skylegion) will result in a warn, and nothing more unless excessive.

    ♫Bypassing Filters/Mutes♫
    Attempting to bypass anything filtered in the chat is not permitted. Same with bypassing a mute, if this occurs it can result in the mute being extended. This includes using [Item].

    Accusing another player of hacking in the chat is not permitted. (Yentl is hacking!) If you believe someone is hacking, please contact a staff member to come handle the issue, or record yourself.

    ♫Irl Trades♫
    Any Trades involving IRL (In real life) money are not allowed. This includes selling in game money for Irl money or offering to buy a rank/item for in game currency. This is to help prevent Irl scams and chargeback issues. Please keep in mind, if you are scammed and report it. You will not be refunded.

    ♫Sharing Personal Information♫
    Sharing personal information about a person is not permitted. This includes, linking pictures of them, sharing social media accounts, specific location information. And general info they do not wish spread. The punishment may vary on the situation.

    Spamming one message/word, spam buying lotto tickets and speaking all in caps will be considered as spam, and handled as such. This includes character spam, such as spamming random letters to gain attention, special characters, and creating breaks in chat to advertise. As well as asking players to say something in chat.


    ♫Unfair Modifications and Hacked Clients♫
    Xray texture packs, hacked clients, auto - clickers and other such things are not allowed. If you have a question about a mod, ask a staff member. Getting caught with something that isn't allowed, and claiming you didn't know is not an excuse. Note: This list will change on what's allowed in our Hacked KitPvp.

    See allowed mods here:

    ♫Island traps / Spawn killing / Tp killing♫
    Do not teleport people to your island, or set up a warp that will trap/kill the player. Nor send tpa requests from Pvp and kill them.

    ♫Abusing Bugs / Glitches♫
    If you decide to abuse a bug or a glitch to your own advantage instead of reporting it. Keep in mind items are logged, and if we find someone abusing a bug. All items will be removed, and the player will be banned.

    ♫Griefing / Scamming♫
    Griefing / scamming is not allowed, this includes admitting to it. Doing so will result in a ban.

    ♫Admitting / Joking about Hacking♫
    Admitting or even joking about hacking will never be tolerated.


    ♫Post Farming♫
    This includes tiny posts for no reason, +1/-1 on Reports/Appeals. And the more obvious post farming methods. Punishments will result in a Warning/ Post deleted, and if it keeps up, forum ban.

    ♫Creating Troll posts♫
    Creating troll reports/posts of any kind are not needed. As they can just be wasting staff's time. Punishments may vary.

    All in-game chat rules apply to the shoutbox, and breaking these rules can result in having privileges revoked.

    Do not recreate / Repost the same thread already Deleted / Denied by staff.

    As with the server rules, please respect players and staff.

    Posting the Ip's for other servers is Insta-ban from forums, and can result in a ban in game as well. Mentioning the names of servers (Let's go play on Skylegion) will result in a warn and nothing more unless it becomes excessive.

    ♫Rate Farming♫
    Do not make an extra account in order to farm yours, or another players ratings. Doing so will result in the extra rates being removed, and the account your farmed with being banned.

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