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Skyblock Island Commands

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by martjon2, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. martjon2

    martjon2 Administrator

    Apr 27, 2017
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    Here is a list of useful Island Commands though you can do /is help ingame

    /is: Start or warp to your Island
    /is go: teleport to your Island
    /is controlpanel or cp: Open the Island GUI
    /is reset: Resets your Island and removes the old one
    /is set your teleport point for /is
    /is level: calculate your Island level
    /is level <player>: see another player's Island level
    /is name: Set a name for your Island
    /is top: see the top 10 ranked islands
    /is value: see island level value of block in hand
    /is warps: Lists all available welcome sign warps
    /is warp <player>: Warp to players Welcome sign
    /is team: View your team information
    /is invite <player>: invite a player to join your island (this will then delete invited player's island)
    /is leave; Leave another players Island
    /is kick: remove a player from your Island team
    /is accept/reject: accept or reject an invitation
    /is makeleader <player> transfer leadership of Island to another player
    /is teamchat: turns on/off Island teamchat
    /is biomes:eek:pen the Biome GUI (there is a $1000 fee for changing island biomes on Powertrip)
    /is expel <player>: force a player from your Island
    /is ban <player> Bans a player from your Island
    /is banlist: Lists all banned players
    /is unban <player>: Un-ban a player from your Island
    /is coop <player>: give a player full access to your Island till uncooped or log out
    /is uncoop <player>: remove full Island access from player
    /is listcoops: list coop players
    /is lock: Locks Island so visitors cannot enter also unlocks Island
    /is resetname: reset your Island name
    /is settings: see island protection and game settings
    /is challenges or /c: show challenges
    /is lang<#>: Selects Language

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